Professional Practitioner Certification and Mentorship Program

Discovery: What is stopping you from having the results you want?

Turn Fear into Motivation and Money: Breaks you through limiting beliefs to get extraordinary results.

Certification in Energy Healing

Relationships: How our Relationships and Money are connected and how to create wealth.

How to make more money consistently in your Business, Practice, or Estate.

Align Yourself To Success, PERMANENTLY.

The Experience

More confidence, more leverage, unwavering support. 

The FASTER path to creating a life and business that makes you money. Freedom, clarity, the mindset that supports your financial growth, permanently!

What would normally take YEARS you get in one year. Full transformation, certification, mind shifting, reprogramming, sales training, and money manegement to gain the professional leverage you need to be successful in your business.

The program is designed to unlock your highest potential. Clear and heal your inner blocks to love, money, and sales… PERMANENTLY! The Align Yourself To Success Team has carefully cultivated and packed decades of teachings into a solid, concise and strategic transformation plan. During this year you will have perfectly paced access to all the tools, support and community necessary to break-through all that is blocking you from living the life you deserve and experiencing a business that feels supports you.


Rapidly Advance in Your Business and Life.

Increase Your Confidence, make more money, for PERMANENT RESULTS.

Here's What Clients are Saying...

“Within two weeks of launching my business, I initiated accounts with the total value of nearly $80,000.00. I know that if it were not for Christi's help, none of this would have happened. She saved my life, my dreams, and set me free.” -KC, ID.

“Because of her I earn significantly more money than I ever have before. Christi is an essential part of my success and I never want to be without her help.” -Brian K. McNeill Very Personal Sales Coach.NC.

Before I met Christi I was broke, depressed and defeated, I started working with Christi and everything changed. Now I have a beautiful home, I am able to spend more time with my daughter, I draw in relationships that are fulfilling, and I make more money. Working with Christi has been the most meaningful, valuable and life-changing investment I have ever made in myself and my personal growth.  -Natalie Paulson

I went from about $2,000.00 a month to over $10,000.00 a month, I have more money in my savings account than I’ve had in the last 17 years. Christi is a money magnet!"

 -Tania Jedian CA

“Six months ago I was depressed, broke, working a dead end job that had toxic energy, and was so confused! After Christi's program and 3 months later, I am working full time in my dream job, depression lifted, and am now living my dream! Looking back I am so glad I said YES to that journey with her. It saved my life and was perfect timing and the perfect recipe for my success!” Fiona Rose Fitness Coach. CA.

Your Team...

Christi Kendall, Interior Designer, Sales Trainer, Intuitive, Healer and 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, is a multi award winning sales performer ranking in the top 1% nationwide out of over 2000 sales reps, and selling over 1.3 million in revenue per year. She is passionate about helping her clients turning fear, trauma, and pain into motivation and money so they can experience success, permanently. She teaches results oriented mentality, helps you discover what triggers you to create change and success in your life. While working with Christi you will discover the processes that create extraordinary results, permanent shifts, and you will be empowered to help other people that you have business or personal relationships with. 

6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, Founder of Align Yourself To Success Coaching Academy, Interior Designer, and Empowerment Mentor

Christi Kendall

The Exclusive One-Year Program is for YOU if you are Ready To Make More Money, and create PERMANENT SUCCESS.

Program Includes

  • 12 months of Content Led by The Align Yourself To Success Team
  • 3 LIVE Workshops
  • Online Classroom
  • The Feminine Art of Sales
  • 1 Year Personal Mentorship
  • Professional Certification
  • VIP Access to ALL Workshops, Retreats, or Events not currently popsted

Contact Christi for more information and to find out if this program is right for you.